Villa Hedy is not only synonymous with the sea but also with history, nature, beauty, gastronomy

San Vincenzo and the Etruscan Coast

Residence and apartments near the beach of San Vincenzo, on the Etruscan Coast

Just travel a few kilometers to go back in time, dive into the Middle Ages by visiting the ancient villages of Campiglia, Suvereto, Castagneto Carducci, up to the Etruscan civilization (with the archaeological park) of Baratti.

It only takes a moment to be swallowed by the silence of the metalliferous hills or to be dazzled by the blue sea of the Populonia cliffs, by the infinite and precious vineyards and by the green expanses of olive trees, by the holm oak woods and by the majestic pine forests; indulge in the smells of nature and be attracted by the flavors of an ancient land rich in traditions that are still handed down: colorful and tasty vegetable soups, rich legume soups and important roasts of game generously enriched with excellent oil and tasted with fine wine.

San Vincenzo

Beach holidays on the Etruscan Coast

San Vincenzo is a modern and welcoming town, full of attractions and equipped with a well-equipped tourist port.
Famous not only for the characteristics of the town but also for its restaurants, which offer every year dishes based on typical products combined with excellent wines produced in the surrounding areas.

San Vincenzo is the perfect choice for tourists who like to dedicate themselves to interesting visits and excursions, thanks to its proximity to the ancient medieval villages of Suvereto and Campiglia and also to the proximity of some of the most interesting vestiges of the ancient Etruscan civilization.

Not to be missed for nature lovers is the Rimigliano Park, a protected natural environment, rich in vegetation. The beach of San Vincenzo, of fine sand, stretches for many kilometers and houses some bathing establishments and port areas.


Beach holidays on the Etruscan Coast

Bolgheri was born around the medieval castle which stands on a small hill; the place was made famous by the verses of Giosuè Carducci.

Bolgheri is famous not only for its fantastic historical-landscape environment, but also for its world-famous red wines.

Populonia and the Gulf of Baratti

Beach holidays on the Etruscan Coast

Populonia was an ancient Etruscan settlement and the only one born on the coast; the city proper extended on the northern side while the industrial districts arose on the coast of the Gulf of Baratti; it was one of the Etruscan centers with more mining and metallurgical industry.

Populonia is famous above all for the numerous Etruscan tombs scattered throughout its territory.

Campiglia Marittima

Beach holidays on the Etruscan Coast

Campiglia Marittima is an ancient and characteristic village where the charm of the Middle Ages blends with nature.

Visiting Campiglia you will be able to discover the charm of its thermal baths, immersed in the luxuriant greenery typical of the Etruscan coast or even visit the famous San Silvestro archaeological mining park.

Nature, relaxation and sport make this place a little gem to visit.

Thematic itineraries recommended by Stefania

Stefania knows her land very well and therefore when interviewed she tells us: "I would like to suggest some itineraries".

1) BETWEEN SEA AND HISTORY (by car, motorbike and bike): full day itinerary.
Morning: traveling about ten kilometers towards Piombino you reach the Gulf of Baratti where you can visit the necropolis and the Etruscan acropolis. High up on the hill overlooking the village of Populonia, after visiting the tower of the ancient castle and after admiring the infinite panorama, you can take a few minutes to buy handmade souvenirs in the shops of the village.
Afternoon: descending from Populonia, halfway, a dirt parking invites us to a path in the woods (on foot) that leads us to the rocks of Buca delle Fate, a sight not to be missed with a crystal clear sea (from the Gulf of Baratti rubber boats and get to Buca delle Fate from the sea). If you are not a lover of rocks, you can lie in the sun on the beach of the gulf.

2) BETWEEN NATURE AND GASTRONOMY (by car, motorbike and bike): food and wine itineraries in Tuscany.
Half day: from San Vincenzo to the north along the old Aurelia state road up to Castagneto Carducci, a medieval village continuing to Bolgheri, an ancient village where a stop for lunch is a must.
All day: from San Vincenzo to the medieval village of Campiglia Marittima, to visit the well-preserved historic center, the fortress and outside the town the Archaeological - Mining park of San Silvestro; we continue inland and we meet Suvereto surrounded by the ancient walls and by the many farmhouses where you can taste dishes still cooked according to the tradition of peasant housewives.

For those who want to walk and pedal, there are many paths created inside the woods of the hills (example: path the Corbezzolo in San Vincenzo and Campiglia) and along the coast (example: from Populonia to Piombino).

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